Turning Point Moments

Turning Point Moments

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    We don’t typically think of experiences like illness, death, betrayal, job loss, burnout, or accidents as the doorway to a more fulfilling and beautiful life. Yet, if you know how to look at these challenges in a different light, they can be powerful opportunities to turn your life around — in small and large ways.

    Seeing a challenge through the prism of change is exactly how these 30 authors from 6 countries have emerged stronger and happier from what could have been devastating circumstances. They turned job loss into new opportunities, physical restrictions into spiritual growth, loss of a spouse into a hope-filled future, and so much more.

    Let these stories of hope and inspiration guide you to and through your own turning point moment experience, where the things you thought could never turn out well, end up better than you ever dreamed possible.

    Especially in these times, it’s essential now more than ever to gain the skills, insight and inspiration to be resilient, open to new possibilities and hopeful no matter what comes your way. These stories show you how.

    In this book you’ll gain valuable insights like how to:

    Say “yes” to you no matter what

    Build a new and better life after divorce

    Gain the courage to follow your passion

    Transform job loss into a door to your best life

    Be who you are rather than who others think you should be

    praise for “turning point moments” Volume 1

    Turning Point Moments is a fundamental book for our times. It offers true, insightful stories by people from all walks of life about navigating challenges and how to come out the other side better than before.

    ~ Marci Shimoff #1 "New York Times" bestselling author

    The world is ripe for Turning Point Moments! This book speaks to these times of challenge in all areas of our lives. Real people who have navigated through dark times show you how to take the path of healing, hope, and new possibilities.

    ~ Lori Leyden, PhD, MBA Developer of The Grace Process®, Founder of Create Global Healing

    Turning Point Moments is a collection of gripping, personal stories reminding us that life’s challenges can be a gateway to transformation and resiliency. This is a must-read awakening for those of us who desire fulfilling possibilities in our lives!

    ~ Austin Rees, IBCLC, LMT Owner/Founder Nourish and Align

    The world needs more people to shine their light and help others do the same. This book does exactly that. It’s raw, vulnerable and powerful and worth the read.

    ~ Jill Lublin 4x Best-Selling Author and Master Publicity Strategist

    A graceful reminder that life is a dance between choice and surrender, and that both are necessary for a better future.

    ~ Lauren Mudrock Transformational Photographer

    Turning Point Moments provides you with the courage and inspiration to step out and be who you were born to be! A must-read book, where every chapter reveals the hope, the strength, and the power inside all of us waiting to be set free!

    ~ Erica Nitti Becker, Author Mastery: The Art Of Living On Purpose

    Just when you think that you have no more fight, the stories in Turning Point Moments give hope and provide the reader with a starting point to try and understand their own grief, to help recognize that we grow through what we go through. It is truly an inspirational read .

    ~ Leahanne Prolas Psychotherapist

    Now is the perfect time to recognize that our Turning Point Moments can be the most empowering door to our own awakening. They offer us the possibility that the gift within the most challenging chapters of life can lead to an unimaginable, extraordinary journey. These stories are a guiding light on that journey.

    ~ Dr. Angela Marick, Author Beauty in the Brokenness

    In this fast-paced world where people don't have time to reflect on what is happening around them, Turning Point Moments is the guide that provides incredible stories that offer a deeper understanding of life and its realities.

    ~ Nelton Attzs, BSc ,MFA ,CIAM ,PMP

    Turning points in life are like data points—ready to inspire the curious minds of those who are open and ready to receive! This book is a must-read.

    ~ Rosemarie Smith Data Analyst

    I have always been a lover of personal stories. Hearing the stories of others is, in my experience, the truest and simplest medicine for the soul. This book is just that, soul medicine for the part of yourself that is yearning for words of wisdom, inspiration, and the enlightenment that are Turning Point Moments.

    ~ Sara Goff, IBCLC Data Analyst

    We are standing at the precipice of epic change forces. Navigating change through the lens of revolutionary thinking and ways of being is revealed through the real-life stories in Turning Point Moments. This book is a one-of-a-kind, must-read book that unlocks the gate for humans to understand how to seize life’s challenges and utilize the paradox as an opportunity prism that makes us unstoppable.

    ~ Kathleen Miller, EdD Next Level Leadership

    Turning Point Moments is a collection of real life journeys creating a pathway to realising what is possible in our own lives! Each story is a potential waiting to be explored!

    ~ Cindy Mathers Transformational Leader, Growing Wellbeing

    Christine Kloser


    Christine Kloser is a transformational author coach, USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author, and award-winning publisher who helps successful professionals, experts and leaders fulfill their calling to write and publish a book that transforms lives in a powerful and permanent way… starting with their own.

    She is the founder of the Get Your Book Done® program, host of the Get Your Book Done Podcast and creator of the Transformational Author Experience®, with trainings that have impacted 90,000 people in 127 countries. Christine has been featured in The New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Los Angeles Times, and FOX, and has shared or hosted stages with the biggest names in the transformational author world like Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, Seth Godin, Gay Hendricks, Lisa Nichols and dozens more.

    A transformational event facilitator since 1997, and author coach and publisher since 2004, Christine inspires writers through her proven programs and trainings – where she brings all her expertise, heart and wisdom forward – delivering an authentic and refreshing approach to a crowded and often confusing author space.

    TPM-InspirationTips V2.pdf

    Free Inspirational Tips from the Authors

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